Reupholstering Your Antique Furniture: Is It Worth It?

photo of old sofa that should be reupholstered

You have lovely antique furniture, but the fabrics are wearing out. How can you keep your antique furniture looking nice? Here are a few reasons why reupholstering is usually a great idea.

Antiques Are Built to Last

The fabric and padding of an antique sofa or chair are the first to fail. Just because that chair looks like it’s falling apart doesn’t mean that the frame isn’t excellent. Antiques are built to last: The frames of antiques are likely to be of a much higher quality than any furniture you can get today. 

Therefore, restoring an antique with new upholstery will give you furniture that’s better than anything you could purchase new. If you want to retain a lovely hardwood piece, the first step is to take a look at the fabric.

Fabric Is a Quick, Easy Update

Let’s say that you have a lovely piece of your grandmother’s furniture, but it just doesn’t look right in your home. Many fabrics look dated by modern standards because their colors and patterns are out of date.

Reupholstering furniture is the perfect way to update a piece and make sure that it fits in with modern decor. Update your antique furniture fabric to ensure that the materials look right.

You Won’t Hurt the Value of Your Furniture

Most people are hesitant to reupholster furniture because they’ve been told that it can damage the value of an antique. But the truth is that antiques mostly have sentimental value, and it’s likely that the cloth is already fairly damaged. 

The best thing you can do for your furniture is to treat it well and make sure it lasts a long time. One of the major ways you can do this is by improving its upholstery. But if it does concern you, you can have your antique viewed by a professional first.

Create Something to Pass Down

Furniture that’s already old and faded isn’t going to be passed down or used by anyone. If you have antiques, it’s likely that you want to pass them down to your family members. But in order to do that, it’s likely that you have to restore your antique furniture first. 

By restoring your antiques, you can update them for the next generation and ensure that the furniture remains well-loved by your family members. 

Reupholstery Is Fast and Affordable

Compared to different types of renovation and restoration, reupholstering a piece of antique furniture is affordable. Compared to the purchase price of a new couch, you’re very likely to save money through reupholstery. That means that not only are you going to get a better piece of furniture, but you’ll be able to get it cheaper.

You Can Re-Pad Along With Reupholstering

You may have noticed that your grand-uncle’s couch isn’t comfortable anymore. Padding does degrade over time. You can re-pad when reupholstering to increase the comfort of the furniture.

Upholstering antique furniture is a great way to keep it useful and usable, and it can be done using fabrics that either match the original fabrics or fabrics that are a completely new update. If you want to find a way to incorporate your antique furniture into your home, consider upholstery. You can take a look at what’s available at Alex Blank Fabrics.

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